Evson departs to join Kamatamare Sanuki on loan

Evson23 year-old Brazilian defender Evson has said goodbye to Gamba for now (perhaps forever) by joining J2 outfit Kamatamare Sanuki on loan for the rest of the season.

We took the youngster on loan in December for the 2014 season with an option to extend the loan if we so wished. However, the guy has made just one appearance in all competitions, that being a one minute introduction to the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup as we beat Sagan Tosu 2-0 in Kyushu.

To further compound the lack of game time, Evson makes a whopping ¥40,000,000 a year on his current contract, taking up a lot of our resources and a valuable foreign player spot. With his departure, we now have room for a new foreign player if Kenta Hasegawa chooses to fill it, which I would highly recommend with a centre-back or defensive midfielder. Whether Evson will be taking a pay-cut or we will be in some way responsible for his wage is not yet clear.

I am pretty sure Evson does not have the quality for J1 and being sent to Sanuki may be at his level. Hopefully he will get some game time and get off of Facebook and Instagram. I think we can all agree that the move is a wise one for Gamba and for Evson himself. A completely understandable move and one that makes me extremely happy – as long as we bring in the correct players.

Good luck to Evson on his move to Sanuki and try to make buddies with the other loanee Keigo Numata down there. Show us what you’ve got (because we really don’t know)!

Photo taken from cloudfront. No copyright infringement intended. Original here.


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