NEW STADIUM: Donation Period Extended

With the period for donations for the new stadium ending on 14th March, we thought that was it regarding the new stadium coming Gamba’s way but the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau has accepted the club’s wish to extend the deadline in order to get the remaining money for the full specification stadium.

New Stadium Complete SpecsThis comes as a welcome piece of news as the club can almost certainly attain the remaining ¥1,070,413,715 in order to achieve the complete Field of Smile. This will be the third period of donations and will run from 1st April 2014 until 31st December 2014, giving the club a full 9 months to reach the ¥14 billion mark, which we are already 13/14 of the way to achieving. The club will be offering tours of the stadium whilst it is under construction as well as giving details about other events in the future.

Here is the kind of stadium we will get at various donation interval:

¥13 billion – 40,000 all-seater capacity, grass field, roof and electricity.
¥13.5 billion – All the above plus solar panels and an in-stadium screen.
¥14 billion – All the above with one additional TV screen and a VIP area.

After much slipping and sliding, it looks as though the desired stadium specification set will be achieved. The sooner the money is received the better so that the construction can move on quicker. I wish I could donate more money myself but am afraid I might have to leave it into the hands of others. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to supporting my team in such a beautiful stadium.

For more information on these designs and additional features, please check the official site’s own press release (Japanese).


One thought on “NEW STADIUM: Donation Period Extended

  1. Great news. Hope they can collect enough money for the original designed roof.

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