NEW STADIUM: Donation Period Closes

After almost 2 years, the period for donations toward the new stadium finished on the 14th March and the results were released today. Gamba fell short of the ¥14 billion target by just a little over ¥1 billion. Almost ¥200 million was donated within the last couples of weeks to bump up the specifications of the stadium.

So what we do know is that the stadium will hold the intended 40,000 spectators in an all-seater stadium, containing such necessaries like toilets and electrical facilities as well as real turf. Additionally, and after much teeth gritting by myself, there will be a roof covering the entirety of the stadium which is great news considering many stadiums lack this in Japan. I myself know of the cost of having no roof at FC Gifu with the torrential downpour destroying my passport.

Current Stadium Design

The things that are not covered by the ¥1 billion shortage are such unnecessary but desirable include a VIP area, solar panels which would power a large amount of the stadium self-sufficiently and two large screens in the ground.

The club have asked for an extension of the deadline to the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau and the result will be found out by the end of the month in order to achieve the full specifications of the ground. Hopefully this will go through and then the club should be able to get the stadium it originally wanted. You can see the current design that we will roughly get to the side.

It is great that the club managed to achieve a very respectable amount of money and design thus far; even if the desired specifications are not met, we are already guaranteed a great stadium.

For more information on these designs and additional features, please check the official site’s own press release (Japanese).


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