Blog plans whilst I am in Japan

From the 27th June until the 7th August, I will be leaving these English shores for my first ever trip to Japan, more specifically the best city Osaka, for a 6 week “holiday” involving sight-seeing, improving my Japanese language skills, meeting new people and of course, watching Gamba Osaka on their (or should I say OUR) way back to J1. This trip will have an effect on my work on the blog and the podcast, so I wanted to let you all know what can do whilst I am in Japan!

Before all that, I might as well tell you which games I will be going to and ones that I should be able to go to will be marked with (***).

29th June – Gamba Osaka v Tokushima Vortis長良川スタジアム
3rd July – FC Gifu v Gamba Osaka
6th July – FC Tokyo v Sanfrecce Hiroshima
7th July – JEF United Chiba v Gamba Osaka
10th July – Cerezo Osaka v Yokohama F.Marinos ***
14th July – Gamba Osaka v Giravanz Kitakyushu
17th July – Cerezo Osaka v Sagan Tosu
20th July – Gamba Osaka v Vissel Kobe
3rd August – Cerezo Osaka v Ventforet Kofu ***
4th August – Fagiano Okayama v Gamba Osaka ***

The Cerezo v Yokohama match is marked as I do not know if I can be bothered to go and see them play as I am not much a fan of Yokohama, even if they do have Nakamura and Nakazawa, and Cerezo are Pigs. The games in August all depend on if I can afford to go to Okayama and get a ticket – if I fail to do so, I will go and watch the Pigs lose to Kofu. As for the Tokyo v Hiroshima match, I am in and around Tokyo for 3-4 days and I like these 2 teams so I thought I would take my chance to see them. The only Gamba game I will definitely not be going to is the away match against Tokyo Verdy, simply because it is bloody expensive to travel there without buying another JR Rail Pass, which I certainly cannot afford.


With all this travelling and football, as well as doing the standard tourist stuff, my output on this blog and the podcast will probably be reduced. Nevertheless, I still vow to get the match previews and reports online before and after each match, although they might be a bit more condensed than usual. As for the podcast, I still want to keep that going too but depending on my time availability, I might have to put 2 games into 1 (like Gifu and JEF as they are during the same week) or shorten them a bit to make the most of my time in Japan.

I am determined to keep my end of the deal on all this blogging and podcast recording. The only thing I cannot do is the commentary of games that I do on Twitter, neither can I tweet streams. What I can do is take lots of photos to make up for all of that! One day, I hope all of you can get a chance to have my experiences in Japan.

I will keep you all up to date with my footballing travels in Japan if I can, probably via Twitter and Facebook if not the blog. The final game before I leave is this weekend’s home match against Fagiano Okayama. Then I get to see Leandro and Ienaga’s last match whilst Usami and Rocha join for the vital derby against Vissel Kobe. Excellent stuff and extremely exciting.

Thank you for your understanding of this matter.


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