New Blog Media

I just wanted to give a quick article on the new media outlets for the blog and where to find them, as some of you will not have known that I now produce a podcast and I have made a Facebook page.

So to begin with, let’s start with the podcast. It was created, eventually, last week (28th February) with a lot of help given to me by the @JTalkPod so that it could all be properly set up. He gave me advice on where to upload it, which in the end cost me £28 for the year, and also how to record the material over Skype with my friend and Swiss Gamba fan @sebinomics, the creator of We collaborate together for one another’s projects and it is real fun. We will record after every match day to give you in-depth analysis, our opinions and thoughts on the Gamba games, as well as talking briefly about the rest of the league and where the result leaves the team in the table.

You can find the podcast in several places. Firstly on the blog home page on the left-hand side, you will see the three most recent podcasts – you will also see a “podcast” tab at the top of the page which will lead you all of the podcasts. These podcasts are all stored on and you can access and download the podcasts there if you so wish. Alternatively, you can search “gambaosakapride” on iTunes and you will find every podcast there to download. If you subscribe, you can download the podcasts as soon as they are uploaded.

We are definitely not professionals on this matter but it is extremely fun and hopefully informative for the fans. If you would like to guest on the podcast – given that you speak English and watched the match on that specific day – just comment on the podcast page, leave me a tweet on Twitter or leave a message on the other new media page.

That’s right! A Facebook page. I know that not all of you will use Twitter so I wanted a place on Facebook where I could post all new written pieces, links to the podcast, news, match news, injuries, streams of matches etc. You get the idea. But I also wanted a place for real Gamba love and discussion – I want people to contribute to the Gamba Osaka foreign community, as well as speaking with Japanese people if they speak English! It’s also another way to spread the word of Gamba Osaka and my blog and podcasts.

So that’s all I wanted to say! I hope you can join Gamba Osaka Pride’s growing community! And I now have over 100 followers on Twitter in just 11 weeks. Amazing stuff. I am having a great time learning more about the team and meeting new fans alike. Thank you everyone for your support. I hope you all appreciate my hard work but also give me suggestions to improve. I want the best for you guys!


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