Plans for Match Previews, Reports and Analysis

Given that the only ever J2 campaign will begin for Gamba Osaka next Sunday (3rd March) against Kyoto Sanga at Banpaku, I thought I would detail how I will go about writing match previews, match reports and finally analysis. This will give me a consistent structure on how to present information to you as well as to give you the limitations of what I am doing. As this is the first time that I have blogged, it might be a bit trial and error but we shall see what happens.

Match Previews:

  • Introduction of the match (location, date, time etc.)
  • Recent results and current league positions of both teams
  • Historical data about the match
  • Opposition strong point
  • Opposition weak point
  • Expected Gamba line-up
  • Gamba player to watch
  • Prediction of the final result

Match Reports:

  • Introduction of the match result
  • Team Line-Ups and Substitutes
  • Run-through of what happened
  • Key battles (won and lost)
  • Key moments/turning-points in the game
  • (Gamba) Man of the Match
  • What the result means to both teams


  • Video format if I can get hold of in-depth match highlights
  • Analyse recurring themes, good/bad positioning, good/bad refereeing, goals and key moments
  • If video is not viable, I will not do this part as it might be too difficult to analyse without video input

These points should give you a taste of what I will try to do. Whether or not it works, only time will tell. Analysis hinges upon video highlights. If anyone can help with that, please leave me a message.

I will be testing out some skills necessary for all of this using the Sanfrecce Hiroshima v Kashiwa Reysol match which takes place on Saturday 23rd February. If anyone has any tips or advice on software, where to find long highlights or things I should include, leave feedback below.

The revival is near!


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