The 2013 season officially starts now!

Gamba Osaka have officially started their pre-season after completing the first press conference of the year which introduced the new president, the season’s slogan, the new manager, the new players and those all important new uniforms.

The press conference started off with the new club president, Teruhisa Noro, detailing the obvious from last season and how Gamba will return to J1 for the 2014 season, as well as revealing the new club slogan for the year, which is “Fukkatsu”「復活」which means resurrection/revival, an apt and poignant slogan for the year in which Gamba will spend its first J2 season. He also stated how he hoped Gamba will meet the everyone‘s expectations of them and how this revival will also be an evolution. We shall see what this entails but I am very much looking forward to it.

Kenta Hasegawa then took the mantle with Oh Jae-Suk and Kenya Okazaki, Gamba’s two new young signings, either side of him. He talked about how he is honoured to manage a club like Gamba, acknowledged the fact that J2 is difficult but knows that promotion is the only option. He also rightly highlighted the amount of goals we conceded and with the addition of Sidiclei to the staff, it looks like he will combat this. Good luck Kenta!

Oh Jae-Suk was next to talk to the media, stating he was honoured to join a team like Gamba, against whom he had his debut for Suwon! He also stated that he thinks he will be able to fit into the team very well and he will do his best. I am hoping you will!

Kenya Okazaki, joining from Kansai University, is hoping to get to grips with the professional environment and make his first appearance. He highlighted his desire to be involved in the attack and he has the impression that we, as a club, are fighting towards one goal. All the best in your professional career, Kenya!

And just a note that Lee Seung-Yeoul was not included on the squad list which makes you assume that he will not be coming back to Osaka. Good luck to you Lee, if this is the case.

Then the moment we were waiting for: new uniforms. Yasuhito Endo, Takahiro Futagawa and Yosuke Fujigaya came out sporting the home, away and one of the three goalkeeper uniforms respectively. Pictures below:

PresentationHome UniformAway UniformGoalkeeper Uniforms

Copyright to Gamba Osaka. No infringement intended.

Prices will be from ¥26,250 up to ¥30,975 for an authentic version of either home or away, from ¥9,975 up to ¥14,700 for a replica home or away uniform or from ¥8,925 to ¥13,650 for a junior home shirt, depending on whether you want a name and number. The shirts will be launched on the 9th February at 10:00am JST. Make sure you get yours and let us know who you will be getting. I will be getting the authentic home version with Akihiro Sato 20, despite him being injured at the moment!

So with all that done, the practice match schedule is as follows:

  • 26/01/2013, 13:00 JST – vs Gamba Osaka Youth
  • 03/02/2013, 15:30 JST – vs Omiya Ardija
  • 09/02/2013, 11:00 JST – vs Avispa Fukuoka
  • 12/02/2013, 11:00 JST – vs Fagiano Okayama
  • 15/02/2013, 11:00 JST – vs Machida Zelvia
  • 24/02/2013, 14:00 JST – vs Gainare Tottori
  • 25/02/2013, 14:00 JST – vs Gainare Tottori

And with that, I conclude this piece. I am looking forward to promotion celebrations and Gamba no longer being a J2 team on my birthday (24th November). Let’s get the revival on!


One thought on “The 2013 season officially starts now!

  1. I spoke to Sato yesterday – he is hoping to be considered for a return in June! Best wishes to him . . .

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