Eduardo heads back to Brazil

Eduardo (Defender, 23) has ended his loan at the club and will be heading back to Brazil after an injury-plagued season at Banpaku.

Some of you might be questioning who he actually is because he never played a league game and he made just one appearance all season which lasted just over an hour and was in the Nabisco Cup quarter-final second leg against Kashiwa Reysol, which Gamba lost 2-1 (5-2 defeat on aggregate). He looked comfortable but was pretty much injured for the entire season.

He joined the club for the 2012 season, coming from Wagner Lopes’ former club Paulista. Given what transpired after Serrão’s sacking, one can only assume that Eduardo was not in the plans of the club even with his injuries. Additionally, his signing in the first place could have just been because he came from Wagner’s old club. Furthermore, Alan Gibson of JSoccer Magazine had the “privilege” to referee games with Eduardo and stated that he was simply awful and could not control the ball and made many bad passes. A combination of all these things must have contributed to such a lack-lustre season.

Even if he was fit, I don’t believe he could have ever ousted Hiroki Fujiharu from the left-back position as Fujiharu was simply too consistent and one of the better players during 2012. Anyways, goodbye to Eduardo, whoever you are, and good luck in your future career!


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